Bus rental in Panama

Panama is an energetic country with massive land activity, and although there is a wide variety of public and private transportation, no one will get you to your destination as safely as Serrano!

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Over the years, we have perfected our service to the point where we now offer a quality and comfortable experience for each of our passengers. Our vehicle catalog is perfectly adapted to the client’s needs, with vans, buses and coaches in perfect conditions to transport from 4 to 49 passengers.

Bus rental with drivers

Travel from North to South through Panama in modern, air-conditioned units with LCD screens. You and your group will feel safe in every part of the tour, since our company will be monitoring your progress by GPS.

Serrano’s drivers are professionals with years of experience, who have the advantage of knowing every street, highway and avenue like the back of their hand. For the bus rental service with driver, we have a fleet of 22, 26 and 49-seat units.

Serrano is the best option for tourist and corporate transfers in Panama!

Our Clients

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Bus rental with driver

Minibuses are one of the fastest and most effective means of ground transportation for carrying at least a dozen passengers from one place to another. The famous “busitos” are very useful to avoid traffic congestion at “rush hours” and to keep within the established schedule.

Serrano buses are ready to do their best to make your trip as comfortable as possible. Tell us the departure point, date, time and destination and we will take care of the rest!

Bus for more than 20 people

We provide a luxury tourist and corporate transfer to any province in the country. Our units for more than 20 passengers are modern, have all their maintenance up to date and current permits, to provide the optimal service that you and your companions deserve.

Bus for more than 40 people

One of our best models, the Hyundai Universe Noble is recognized as a first-class bus. With a refined and spacious design, free from noise, vibration and discomfort, the hours of travel on your wheels will pass in the blink of an eye. 

As if that were not enough, to the magnificent qualities of this powerful machine we add the subtle and safe driving of our qualified drivers, to complement a quality service aimed at the well-being and comfort of the passengers. 

Bus rental

The bus rental is the ideal option for corporate trips, sightseeing tours and airport transfers that do not exceed the limit of 12 people. These vehicles have the particularity of being practical, light and with an excellent suspension system, so we guarantee a pleasant trip to the destination of your choice.

How much does it cost to rent a bus?

The cost of the bus rental will depend on multiple factors, for example: the point of origin, the place of destination, the service schedule, the selected unit, among others. We recommend you to check our rates and availability through the contact line, WhatsApp or form.

How much does it cost to rent a minibus?

As we indicated in the previous point, in order to establish a concrete budget we must know in advance the needs of our clients. We invite you to talk to our consultants, who will kindly answer your questions and provide you with all the details of the minibus service.

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