Private Transportation Service

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At Serrano we are pioneers in executive, corporate and private transportation in Panama. We provide a quality experience based on safety, punctuality and comfort for each passenger boarding our modern units.

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Our team works tirelessly 365 days a year to ensure that every customer on board arrives at their destination safe, sound and without mishap. With impeccable driving professionals, an efficient customer service team and multiple active units, we are convinced that we are the ideal partner for any person, corporation or company.

Personnel Transfers for Public and Private Companies

We mobilize your employees all over the city and the interior of the country! At Serrano we have years of experience in this business; for this reason, we know with all certainty that in order for the transfer of personnel to be successful, the following must be taken into account:

Our team is expert in preparing all the necessary logistics; contact us and we will immediately design a fully customized relocation plan for your personnel.

Our Clients

"The only route to excellence"

Employee Transportation

Delegate the transfer of your employees to us and leave the worries about arrival and departure times behind. We offer small, medium and large units that can be perfectly adapted to the capacity of your payroll.

We travel on local, urban and extra-urban routes at any time. Give your employees a safe ride from home to work and from work to home with Serrano’s private, private and corporate transportation service.

Executive Transportation Service

Your executives deserve to move anywhere they need to go quickly and efficiently, and we are the best suited for the job! Our qualified drivers maintain a cordial and polite treatment with passengers at all times; their main intention is to meet your needs and make your trip the safest and most enjoyable experience possible.

Private Transportation Company

In private transportation we work for and for exclusive clients, which means that we consign one or more units for a specific company, consortium or organization.

Schedules are planned together with our clients to ensure that all their guidelines are met. For our part, the service runs uninterruptedly so that, regardless of the circumstances, there is never a lack of a unit or driver to transport your workers.

Personnel Transportation for Companies

One of the advantages of personnel transportation is that it performs at the client’s pace, in an environment where passengers have an assigned seat to travel comfortably to their destination.

The freedom of schedules, availability at all times and being able to choose each stage of the route, are some of the advantages of hiring a private, private and corporate transportation service such as the one we offer in Serrano.

"Nationwide transportation
we cover our services throughout panama".