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Do you want to get to know all the attractions of Panama? Hiring Serrano’s tourist service is the first step!

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With a permanent stock of first class vehicles, we promise to provide you with the best experience in this beautiful country. Our expert drivers know every outstanding corner of the Panamanian geography; taking you with punctuality, responsibility and efficiency to wonderful destinations.

What do we offer?

Serrano is one of the most qualified companies for land transportation of tourists nationwide. We distinguish ourselves by being an ally with:

We are proud to say that these 3 qualities, besides being our best letter of introduction, are our grain of sand to promote tourism in a country that has it all.

Travel the isthmus in comfort and safety aboard our buses and shuttles. We adapt perfectly to any number of passengers (12, 20, 30, 40…) so that everyone can enjoy the history, culture, geography and gastronomy of Panama.

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We have options to suit all preferences and budgets:

Main tourist attractions in Panama

Renting a vacation bus without a fixed destination can be a crazy idea; for this reason, below we will give you a list of the most popular tourist sites in Panama:

You may be interested to know that Panama has 5 World Heritage Sites declared by UNESCO, they are:

From Serrano, we extend a special invitation to tourists who want to explore these amazing places with our company.

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we cover our services throughout panama".